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an e ticket way back when

once upon a time, in land far... (remember when)


Ticket to ride, got an “e” ticket?

Once upon a time, Disneyland sold tickets from A through E

Example: “A” tickets got you on the A list rides down to “E” tickets that got you on the tea-cup go round. Anyone remember that?

oh those where the days.


SofaSure rhythmics Music with Magical Mood Altering Subliminal

SofaSure likes SofaSure rhythmics Music with Magical Mood Altering Subliminal

Mr Brown

Mr Brown

A List Apart: Articles: Human-to-Human Design

Human-to-Human Design It’s not new to say that we now live in an age in which survival in business depends on your ability to communicate effectively through the internet.What is new is the realization that just having any old website isn’t enough. The quality of your site and the nature of its content are paramount and your ability to communicate with your audience is the key.A good website is built on two basic truths—that the internet is an interactive med

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Andy Warhol with paints down looking mirror vinyl record pop art king for hype host bill Owen sofasure Warhol diaries



REN media new logo idea recycled

think anyone will notice?

Pathos – Appeal to Emotion – Aristotles Modes of Persuasion « European Rhetoric

Pathos is the emotional influence of the speaker on the audience. Its goal is to create a favorable emotional affection of the audience towards the objective of the speech. The overall ability to achieve pathos is eliciting emotions. There are various ways to achieve an emotional reaction in the audience. In the antiquity there was a discipline about affects, it encompassed theory of arousing feelings during the speech and drafts for the classification of feelings.In rhetoric, the arousal of feelings is associated with style, since only a certain use of language can create emotional reactions in the audience. Thus, the achieving of pathos is interweaved with the use of a certain style elements, strategies, e.g., figures of speech and style of the

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